Bringing insight to help you on your path
Readings and healing sessions
Spirituality and ancient traditions
Workshops and courses


My intention, as an intuitive and medium, is to bring insight to what you are experiencing to help you on your path of personal and spiritual growth. For this, I use tarot and oracle cards, my intuition and messages I receive from Spirit, from animals, plants or crystals. 

I offer in person or online sessions and workshops. 


I will use tarot and oracle cards, my intuition and mediumship to help you gain clarity over a particular situation you are going through or various aspects you may need help with so you can better understand past events or get a perspective of what’s ahead for you, especially in times of transition like a separation, a change of job or a time of confusion. 

Soul healing

During this session, I can channel healing energy and use some shamanic practices to help you let go of past wounds and patterns, thus making  way for new energies to step in, new relationships and new experiences. 


Spirituality is a path of inner knowledge and awakening of the divine within us. By connecting with the divine, we learn to trust ourselves and life. We explore ways to create a spiritual path during workshops, courses and personal mentoring

Developing your intuition 

You can learn to understand how intuition works and how it works specifically for you through workshops and circles of practice so you can learn to develop and trust it. 

Life’s purpose

When we follow our life’s purpose, our life becomes deeply fulfilling. We can work together in a session to identify your purpose and create a career that will have meaning and that will feel rewarding. 

Through a spiritual practice, we discover who we truly are and we come to understand that the Universe works with us and not against us. We create our life and we are all connected. Welcome to this community!