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The ancient art of divination

Humans have always wanted to know their destiny. Divination is a very old art that helps us see our personal history more clearly when we feel lost, when we are going through important transitions like a separation, a change of career, a sickness or a grief and to get to know ourselves better.

I offer sessions at my place or via Skype, email or video. You will find below the types of readings available. To book a session, simply contact me by email ( and indicate your question and your date of birth.

Payments are made via Paypal by following the link below and indicating the according amount. Then I will contact you to make an appointment or to confirm your booking. Sessions are usually delivered within 5 to 10 working days. Please note that I don’t work during the week-ends or the holiday times.
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Intuitive guidance

A reading can help you find clarity about a question, when you feel confused or when you need answers. It can also offer support and insight when you are going through a difficult time or it can assist you on your spiritual path.

1hour guidance – 60eur
30 min guidance via email – 35 eur

Life’s purpose guidance

We all have a purpose, even more than one. Our life’s purpose encompasses all areas of our lives, either our personal lifestyles, our belief system, our relationships. But we can also find our path and then choose to align with it professionally. A life’s purpose guidance will give you clear insight about patterns in your life and your relationships, help you heal deep wounds from the past and get a clearer view of your direction.

I also suggest natural remedies to support you, like essences, essential oils, crystals so that you can open up to your potential.

Session at my place or via Skype only, 1h-1h30 – 90eur

Message from your guides

This short guidance will provide you with insight from a guide to get some advice or clarification on an issue or just to encourage you on your path. The guidance can come from an animal, a god or goddess, a spirit of nature, a dragon or the consciousness of a crystal.
Do not hesitate to inform me if you feel called by one specific guide.

Message via email (2 pages/20 min) – 20 eur

The mirror of the ocean

Water is a mirror; it reflects our emotions, our subconscious, our desires and our fears. Connecting with water helps us know ourselves at a deeper level, become aware of our illusions and come back to our authenticity. The mirror of the ocean is a guidance over 7 days that will help you see some hidden parts of yourself, reconnect to love, sensuality, better understand your emotions or strengthen your self-esteem.

Guidance via email for 7 days – 50 eur

The old oak

In ancient legends, the old oak was the keeper to another world, the world of the wisdom of the animals, the trees, the spirit of nature and Fae.

Animal guides and far can help us come back to our true nature by letting go of conditioning and to more natural rythms so we can reconnect with our freedom and our capacity to adapt to change.

Old oak guidance via email (30 min) – 40 eur

The moon cycles

When we connect with the moon, we connect with the mysteries of life and we begin to wake up to our own inner rythm. We can also heal our emotions, awaken our intuition, observe our dreams, bring joy to our life and reconnect with our feminity and our sensuality.

– 3 new or full moons cycle via email: 30 eur
– 13 moons via email : 90eur (this is ideal for the new year or at your birthday)


Soul healing is an ancient practice that leans on the energy system and the chakras. I also rely on my intuition and the message from my guides or your guides to help you release blockages or recover lost ressources so you can move forward on your path.

If necessary, I can also suggest flower remedies, crystals or other natural remedies to help you participate in your own healing process.

Soul healing 30 min via email – 35eur
Soul healing 1h via Skype or email – 60eur

A sacred journey

To help you work on a deeper level, we can go on a journey together to help you work at various aspects or one area in your life. You can choose 3 or 5 sessions, and combine readings and/or healing to better serve your needs.

This healing journey can help you when
– you are going through a professional transition and would like to align with your life’s purpose
– you need to heal deep emotions in order to open to a new and fulfiling relationship
– you are on a spiritual path and wish to develop your intuition
– you are in a time of transition and change, like a loss, a sickness or a very confusing time in your life

Vanessa )O(