The path of magick



Spirituality and the old path
Guidance, soul healing, mentoring
Crossing of souls, mediumship
Plants, crystals, elementals and nature spirits

I believe that the earth is sacred
and that she is the keeper of the wisdom of our ancestors

Spirituality has always been closely tied with magic. Traces of magical practices have been found in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Roma, Babylon and in the mysterious cities of Atlantis and Avalon…

In Western Europe, there was a form of magic grounded in the earth, that was a mix of old magical and shamanic practices, called Celtic paganism. This path is deeply connected to nature, the trees, the plants, the animals but also the spirits of nature.

The world ‘witch’ seems to come from the old anglo-saxon ‘wicce’, which means wise and also awake. So, a witch is a wise one who is awake and connected to the nature, and who can create a life of awareness and wisdom.

Magic follows the natural rythm of the moon, the sun and of nature, which helps us bring more balance into our lives. I do not believe that the spiritual is separate from our daily life, nor that there is white and black magic. It is when we see the sacred in our earthly life that we can live in harmony with the world around us. It is the intention that will influence the end results. And it when we feel disconnected and when our life lacks meaning that we become isolated, and this is when illness and control happens. Magick is balanced, it it tied to the sun and the moon, it honours the masculine and the feminine, the shadow and the light. And when we explore the shadows and the light, we get to know ourselves better, and we can start creating our lives with responsibility and integrity… Then true magic happens.

Magick helps us develop an ethic, values and beliefs so we can act with responsibility. It is a path that requires us to become engaged in our practice. I practice magick as a solitary and I have acquired a strong knowledge of this path through my own life experiences but also through the learning of the ethics, the universal laws and the basic principles of magick as a spiritual path. Today, I share this old path in sessions, workshops and courses to teach about the sacred spiritual path that connects us with life, the earth, that helps us find who we truly are and to be free to explore our potentials.